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Hudson County Chamber of Commerce

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Hudson County Chamber of Commerce


Melissa Rosario manages the day-to-day receivables and payables, perform cash management task works with the President and CEO to review finances and operations. Melissa has significant experience working on fast environments and have entrepreneur, finance and sales experience.

Prior to this role, Melissa was the membership administrator where she helped businesses members of the organization kept up-to-date their information and received the benefits are entitled to. She also assisted the staff in producing up-to-date key financial reports. In addition, Melissa was responsible for assisting in maintaining the Chamber’s policies and procedure documents. Melissa first started as a Financial Intern with the Chamber were her enforces and growth granted her new positions.

Earlier the different roles at the Hudson County Chamber, Melissa served as a Managerial Control Economics, a key position to determine external economic and financial impacts in the electric and energy distribution in the Dominican Republic. She played a key role in developing and preparing reports used by decision makers to implement programs used to analyze the energy distribution sector as well as the budget deficit. Melissa investigations were used to supported financing needs with the International Monetary Fund.

As an Analyst, Melissa assisted on the implementation of the 2008 Dominican Republic in numbers a statistics book that compiled all statistics data from the country and that serve as a source for research.

Melissa received her MBA in Finance from NJCU School of Business and a statistic certification from the ONE National Office of Statistics in the Dominican Republic. She earned her undergraduate degree in Economics from the Santo Domingo Technology Institute in the Dominican Republic.