Why #HudsonGives?

By Maria Nieves posted 04-03-2019 17:56


HGLogo.jpgGiving Days are 24-hour fundraising events, where a community rallies together to donate resources – money, time or services – to causes that matter to them.  

These days of giving are typically hosted by Community or Civic Foundations, United Ways, large nonprofit organizations, and higher-education institutions. So why are we hosting #HudsonGives on May 17? After all, it's not typical for a chamber to host a Giving Day. According to GIveGab, we're the only chamber they know of to host a Giving Day in the entire country. 

As a chamber, we realize how critical the nonprofit sector is to our local economy.  According to the Center for Nonprofits, results of their 2017 annual survey showed that:

  • There are more than 34,000 charitable (501c3) organizations in NJ. They employ nearly 10% of the state private sector workforce and more people than many major industries including construction, utilities, transportation, finance and insurance.
  • NJ nonprofits make more than $42 billion in annual expenditures – much of it within the Garden State
  • In Hudson County, there are 2,895 tax exempt organizations with assets of more than $3 billion and income of more than $5.3 billion annually

We also believe that the nonprofit sector in Hudson County particularly needs local support. 51% of nonprofits responding to the Center's survey, reported that their most important issue was nonprofit infrastructure/capacity building

Along with raising as much money as possible within 24-hours, Giving Day participants can expect to expand their community outreach, gain increased exposure and promotion, and attract new supporters.

Everyone involved can benefit from the day and see their impact go far beyond the 24 hours that we have planned for May 17!

Impact on Giving Day Hosts

  • Strengthened community connections
  • Increased local impact, awareness, and support
  • Acquired understanding of causes or departments that are most important to potential supporters
  • Better insights into which participants should receive matching grants
  • Heightened ability to provide efficient fund advisory to community members
  • Opportunity to increase funds and members

Impact on Participants

  • Increased donations
  • Increased promotion, exposure, and community awareness
  • Heightened sense of community/camaraderie with other participants
  • Unique opportunity to learn and grow from others

Impact on Supporters

  • Heightened sense of connection with a cause/department
  • Community-building with other like-minded supporters
  • Increased awareness of other causes/departments
  • Pride in contributing to something bigger than themselves

Impact on Local Communities

  • Improved financial health of several organizations at once
  • Increased philanthropic spirit
  • Elevated interpersonal and cross-organizational connections

Get Involved & Support #HudsonGives 

  • Save the Date, May 17, and be ready to give during our 24-hour Giving Day! Donate early and often!
  • Spread the word on your social media.

Visit #HudsonGives to learn more about how you can support!